Artist, Producer, and Engineer from Geneva, Switzerland. I began playing piano around age 11 and learning other people’s songs but stopped after a few years. I developed a passion for performing in middle school and high school when performing covers in school assemblies, accompanying myself on guitar. I began songwriting and recording in 2017, producing in 2018, and am releasing my Debut Album “Rage Therapy” in 2023. 

My music is aimed at helping healing through alchemizing trauma/stress energy by raging, and providing emotional support through connection and a different perspective on approaching life’s problems. I am heavily inspired by hard rock music, and in particular the Red Hot Chili Peppers -s/o to John Frusciante. My production features a broad range of styles within trap and leans on the heavier side- I never ever follow trends and produce, sing and rap straight from the heart. 

My music is aimed at helping people suffering with different kinds of mental health issues and bringing light into their lives! Giving them hope and inspiration is the main motivation for making and publishing music. On the date I surpassed 1,000 hours of meditation, I announced the drop date for ‘Razorblade’ featuring Nigel Uno FRV- the first single from my debut album ‘Rage Therapy’ ☄️